Is Religion need speech draft

Is religion needed.

necessary, what would the world have been like with out it?

Estimated roughly there are 4200 religions throughout the world.  That means that, again roughly estimated, there are around 320,000,000 gods that people worship and believe in. Is religion needed?

To keep it slightly simple the two examples that I’ll use today are the Bible and the Koran. These two books are globally know texts, they have historic and spiritual value, and to be fair cause a bit controversy. The Bible is linked with Christianity, The word of God. Each piece, yes each piece, as it is made up of many different books, all written by many different Men and Woman. See each piece its believed to be revelation from God about one thing or another.

The Koran on the other hand is an Islamic text. In short to sum up the Koran, Muhammad was visited by an angel in the desert and wrote a whole bunch of new scriptures about what was actually the word of god, and over about 23 years he got revealed more and more stuff, and finally after he died they were all put together into one book. But while claiming that this is the proper valid truth, like most faiths and religions do;…. he had no witnesses. To believe in either of these texts requires faith, believing in what you can’t see. For the Koran you just have to believe that Muhammad was telling the truth like the other 1.8 billion people who do. Or with the Bible believe that Jesus really did rise after being hung on the cross to die. The Bible- Relationship & forgiveness, that is pretty much the simplest, looses way to describe it, and the Koran- Slavery & Guidance,  So remember that. Relationship and forgiveness, Slavery and guidance. One difference, free will.

In this day and age we constantly see problems, in abundance and very much in a way, bigger than they seem. A constant companion, that tells how the world works and reminds us of how insignificant we are in this largely evolving world, social media is a presence we have grown so accustomed too. Yet I know we as a race have always strived to achieve a close perfection in all areas of life that closely concern our choices, beliefs and last but no where least rules. I know that many of you don’t like what’s different, change is different, but you don’t understand it. “Why are they doing that, it’s not right, I understand this and like this, so why is this happening.” See there lies a subtle difference, Choice are influenced, beliefs are built, and rules are made. But they all intertwine in way that you don’t realize. See when your beliefs influence you to make a choice, it could lead you to step forwards in your life or to either side. You learn and grow from that choice, and decide, that your beliefs guiding you, are important… vitalneeded. Then rules, I quote from Google “one of a set of explicit or understood regulations or principles governing conduct or procedure within a particular area of activity.” Easier said as, “control of or dominion over an area or people.” You lay down rules everyday of your life, often unconsciously. Not knowing that there are boundaries being set right inside your own mind. These consist of don’t walk on that side of the street, don’t talk to him, get out of it now… and onward.

With religion you will see negatives and positives. and  Fair enough some negative things have happened in the name of “God” “Allah”, but look at the great things that have happened. People’s lives have been turned around, families reconnected, many other miracles. what would the world be like without religion. Good? Worse? Completely different?