Coach Carter 4th Reading log/fim

The 2005 film Coach Carter is an amazing story of a change. Coach “Ken Carter” is offered the role of basketball coach at Richmond high school. He accepts and turns up to coach boys that won’t even come to school. Throughout the movie each boy learns, and changes. They grow as an athlete and become a student. By signing a contract given to them, stating that they must maintain a 2.3 grade average, turn up to every class and sit at the front of every class, they also earn the idea of a “student athlete, student comes first.”

I first really liked this movie because of my personal enjoyment for basketball, and throughout the film I could connect with a lot of what was happening. Although, this is inspired by a true story, and it tells me of students that fought against their culture to play basketball, study at school, and most of all succeed in their life. At the end of the film they played against the team the viewer first saw them play against, St Francis.  The whole game was tight, until the final buzzer went with the score board showing 70-68, St Francis takes the win. This film didn’t have the storyboard ending like I hoped, but it had a lesson woven into it instead. Turns out that a few of the players went on to college and graduated with degrees and played basketball while attending. This was a movie a really enjoyed because it taught resilience, persistence and most importantly, it taught friendship. Resilience is found when we as person are challenged by great struggles and overcome them. For me I relate to the ending, when they didn’t win the championship. In my basketball years I’ve failed in games and lost countless too. With resilience and persistence I’ve come to practice harder, play harder, and drive to be better. And even through all this, I’ve made friends with people that are so much better than me and less too. In Coach Carter, they worked as a team with each others strengths and weaknesses, and this is what I now strive to do too.

“You said we’re a team. One person struggles, we all struggle. One person triumphs, we all triumph.”


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