The Alchemist

The Alchemist is an international bestseller by the renowned author
Paulo Coelho.  “A fable about following your dream.” The Alchemist encourages the reader to pursue their dreams and find their personal legend. Paulo Coelho writes a tale following the journey of a young Andalusian shepherd named Santiago. He has a recurring dream of treasure hidden by the pyramids of Egypt. Believing it to be prophetic, he pursues help discovering along the way, the language of the world and the idea that everyone has a personal legend. 

The main theme in this novel is pursuing your dreams and following letting your heart guide you. Santiago matures into this throughout his journey finally trusting in his heart to guide him. This theme can be related to anybody. Every person that picks up this novel will read it differently due to their experiences. A young person coming out of school will read this and take in the theme, dreaming of themselves achieving their aspirations. A older person could look at this with guilt knowing they really never followed their heart, and now only have that slight hope of one day achieving it, keeping it alive. 

For me, the Alchemist is motivation bound together. A tale of exiting your comfort and trusting what cannot be guaranteed. This is a story that shows of blessings and rewards in trusting your heart and living what your are written for. The Alchemist gives me as a reader a new look at my life. It has opened my eyes to questioning my motives and which path I’m going to take. This I believe is what Paulo Coelho really prepared for his readers, perspective. 

I one hundred percent desire that everybody picks up this book and lets it float them from page to page, rolling them up and down on it’s waves of excitement, emotion and encouragement. 

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