The Great Gatsby Character

“I wouldn’t ask too much of her,” I ventured. “You can’t repeat the past.”

“Can’t repeat the past?” he cried incredulously. “Why of course you can!”

He looked around him wildly, as if the past were lurking here in the shadow of his house, just out of reach of his hand.

“I’m going to fix everything just the way it was before,” he said, nodding determinedly. “She’ll see.”



A novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, titled “The Great Gatsby” is set in the 1920’s and tells a story of a man, Jay Gatsby, still longingly searching for the love of a girl so lost to him. Although this seems to be the theme to the story, it is only the surface to everything. The Great Gatsby is strongly built on illusion and is alluded to the whole idea of “the American dream”. The two other characters this essay will be explaining are Nick Carraway and Daisy Buchanan.

Throughout the novel we are observing a man known to be The “Great” Gatsby, a man too good to be true. The idea of Gatsby being Great, is a false assumption. A man of mystery and wealth, who throws the most lavish parties for everyone is only the surface of lies yet to come. Jay Gatz or Gatsby as he’s known now, is a wealthy man that lived in his Gothic style mansion in West Egg, New York. The name “Gatsby”, was such a mystery to many folk. Only the who’s who, considered themselves to know this person. Telling the most far fetched stories of their host during his parties they attended. Gatsby was raised as the son of farmers in North Dakota. Even though his life started out this way he knew it could be so much more and he sought out to rewrite himself for the better.







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  1. Flynn, your paragraph starts strong but I am struggling to pick up on your evidence. How can you weave quotes from the book through to ensure your perceptions about Gatsby can be proven?

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