The Intouchables, 2nd Log

“The Intouchables” is a French dramedy film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano.

Philippe is a very wealthy quadriplegic, who hires an unqualified, uninterested and on the benefit, Driss, to be his caregiver. Philippe and Driss form a relationship based on humor, excitement and adventure. Philippe states that he wants no pity from people, and that is Driss’s mentality, “don’t be lazy, throw some back.” he said as they threw snowballs. Through out the film Driss pushes the boundaries of social class and discrimination. He looks for a laugh in Philippe and in all others that he meets, making this film the comedy-drama that viewers will watch again and again.

I really enjoyed the Intouchables through the humour that Driss used. His personality is one to break the tension, in this case, when people take pity on Philippe’s condition.  Driss would quite often make jokes at the expense of his disability; like don’t be lazy, you’re too slow,

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