The Intouchables, 2nd Log

“The Intouchables” is a French dramedy film directed by Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano.

Philippe is a very wealthy quadriplegic, who hires an unqualified, uninterested and on the benefit, Driss, to be his caregiver. Philippe and Driss form a relationship based on humor, excitement and adventure. Philippe states that he wants no pity from people, and that is Driss’s mentality, “don’t be lazy, you have to throw some back.” he said as they played in the snow. Through out the film Driss pushes the boundaries of social classes and the discrimination that lies there. He looks for the laugh in Philippe and in all others that he meets, making this film the comedy-drama that viewers will watch again and again.

I really enjoyed watching the Intouchables through the humour that Driss used. His personality is one to break the tension, in this case, when people take pity on Philippe’s condition. Driss would quite often make jokes at the expense of his disability; like don’t be lazy, you’re too slow, etc… This is the main theme in the movie as it is also about breaking the social barriers too.

Driss being “Black” and from the street compared to, rich and wealthy hotel owner Phillppe. The social barriers of France are just as much there as any other country, you just have to pay attention to notice them. In one scene a friend of Phillppe expresses concern about his new caregiver. This is a great example of the discriminating in a simple situation. Throughout the movie both Driss and Phillppe grow to prove that they aren’t different after all and both bring their own piece of to the table.

I would highly recommend this movie, as its a roller coaster of emotions and a full of humor. Everyone can find a place in this story, and the culture with it adds the final touch. When I found out that this was based on a true story too, that hit the spot of relating to the movie. This isn’t just any movie.

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