The Man Who Planted Trees, 1st reading log

breif outline

“The Man Who Planted Trees” is a French novel written by the author Jean Giono. It’s a story about a man on a hike through the hills of “an old region where the Alps penetrete into the Provence,” where he stubled apon a man who spent his days planting trees. He sorts out one hundred good acorns every day, and plants them while walking his sheep.

What themes are addressed in the text? How is the theme explored in this text? Use specific examples/quotes.


How does this text connect with the rest of the world(socially, culturally, politically, historically)

Socially, This story brings out the idea of selfless perseverance. Bloufer spends a whole year planting 10,000 trees, to only have them die.

How/what does this text teach us/you about society and the world we live in.


How/does this text connect to your personal experience or viewpoints?

Explain why you would recommend this text.

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