Creative writing


The bell goes, alerting everyone to hastily make their way to class.

“Bang”, doors swing open and a tidal wave of chatter and noise appear, quickly trying to nab a seat next to their best friends.

“Morning class,” says the gruff voice of potbelly teacher, sun reflecting off the top of his mirror like skull.

“Get out your books and we’ll begin; in silence.”

He keeps his gaze over the class trying to pick out the trouble makers, the ones that are going to attempt at best to make his life as difficult as possible. Not wanting to seem too paranoid he turns away, takes a seat at his desk and gives a sigh.

Minutes in and it still wasn’t silent, there were sniffles followed by whispers and the shuffling of papers followed by the tapping of keys. Every so often he’d catch a student with their head bowed too much and walk over to confiscate their brand new iPhone. Outside, the cheers of excitement from a P.e class cause more disruption in the room. Slowly but surely the noise starts to climb, higher and higher.

“Quiet!” yells the teacher, “there is meant to be silence in the classroom”.


No ring, nobody rushing through the crowded hallways on a strict time frame. Doors, only to be pushed open by the cleaning lady’s trolley as she makes her way into the devastation. The desks stand in what are meant to be rows unmoved and undisturbed, she swings her gaze over the room picking out the parts that were going to be a problem, the trouble makers, the ones that will make her work as tiring as possible. She prepares to start cleaning, plugging in her Walkman and pushing on her headphones, she looks at the clock and begins. Moving from desk to desk she attacks, cleaning every little bit of grime. Apart from the occasional hum, and skiwrt! of the spray bottle, she worked in silence. Every so often she would take a glance through the windows as she wiped them down. Staring out into the darkness she’d remember the days when she played on a field, just like this one. Thinking of all the fun and games that took place, she returned back to work. Trailing off on her thoughts, the cleaning lady wondered what would be different if she had paid just a bit more attention, during those long school hours.