unfamiliar text work

  1. Family Holiday, by S Daly, from Phenomena a short story
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a)The swing bridge would be the first dangerous event, and the drop off under the waves would be the second.

b) (i) A verbal language feature in this is onomatopoeia, “crashed”, “The waves crashed down and sucked everything away,”

(ii) The writer could be using onomatopoeia to give a depth and memory in to the text. “Crashed”, shows that the waves were strong and powerful, this could develop feelings that the writer is having towards this holiday. She could have been a bit scared or curious


a.  Identify 2 language features that develop the narrators feelings about the holiday. Give an example of each.

“The waves crashed down and sucked everything away,” the use of the word “sucked”, might be being used to describe how the holiday she is on sucks. She doesn’t like it and it feels like she has been dragged away on it and everything around her is crashing down.

“I could move.” Is a simple sentence used to show the intensity of the situation, suddenly she is frozen.


b. Discuss how your chosen language features along with others in the text, develop an emotional theme for the family holiday.

These two examples are used in the text to show how the holiday isn’t going well at all, from the writers perspective. She really doesn’t want to be here.

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